Law of Bribery and Corruption In Malaysia With Cases and Commentaries


Law of bribery and corruption in Malaysia: With cases and commentaries by Jagir Singh

Author Jagir Singh
Publication Date 1994
ISBN 9789678905947
Format Softcover
Publisher International Law Book Services


This is Malaysia's first book on the law of bribery and corruption. The author's experience and everyday contact with the law of bribery and corruption is reflected in the book's explanation and organisation of the issues.

It approaches the subject from both an academic and a practical standpoint. Judges, Lawyers, Prosecuting Officers, Students of Law, Academicians, Civil Servants, and all others involved in the law should find the book to be an invaluable resource. Members of Parliament, Members of State Legislatures, and Public Officers should be interested in the law on "Ordinance 22," which impacts them.

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ISBN: 9789678905947

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