Law of Charity, 2nd Edition | by Gino Dal Pont

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Law of Charity, 2nd Edition by Gino Dal Pont

Author Gino Dal Pont
Publication Date Dec 2016
ISBN 9789350359655
Format Softcover
Publisher Lexis Nexis


Legislation of Charity, 2nd edition, is a high-level text focusing on the law that rules and regulates the application of money for charitable purposes, written by authoritative author Gino Dal Pont.

This text is an exposition of the law pertaining to charitable objects, covering both Australian and international law. It includes discussion of the history of charity law, charitable privileges under general law and statute, the court's jurisdiction in relation to the charitable sector, and charity law reform.

- Well-written by a well-known author.
- Multijurisdictional and comprehensive.
- Practitioner work at a high level.

TABLE OF CONTENTS of Law of Charity, 2nd Edition

Part I – Charity Contextualised

  1. Context
  2. The Concept of ‘Charity’
  3. Public Benefit

Part II – Charity Historicised

  1. England and the United States
  2. Australia and New Zealand

Part III - Charity Privileged

  1. Privileges at General Law
  2. Privileges Under Statute

Part IV – Charity Delimited

  1. Relief of the Poor, Aged and Impotent
  2. Advancement of Education
  3. Advancement of Religion
  4. Other Purposes Beneficial to the Community
  5. Sporting and Political Purposes
  6. Mixed Purposes

Part V – Charity Administered

  1. Jurisdiction of the Court and Attorney-General
  2. Cy-près Variation at General Law
  3. Variation Schemes Under Statute
  4. Charitable Entities
  5. Regulation of Charitable Fundraising

Part VI – Charity Reformed

  1. Definitional Reform
  2. Accountability and Fundraising Reform
  3. Fiscal Reform

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