Law of Confidentiality | by G E Dal Pont

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Law of Confidentiality by G E Dal Pont

Author G E Dal Pont
Publication Date Indian Reprint, 2015
ISBN 9789350357859
Format Hardcover
Publisher Lexis Nexis

The Law of Confidentiality examines the law of confidentiality in Australian law, with comparisons to developments in other countries. The notion of confidentiality, forms of confidential information, confidentiality parameters, remedies and defences to breaches of confidentiality, and confidentiality in the context of defined relationships are all covered in this detailed and complete text.

TABLE OF CONTENTS of Law of Confidentiality

Part I    Confidentiality Conceptualised
1.    Concept of Confidentiality
2.    Interactions of Confidentiality
3.    (Confidential) Information as Property
4.    Confidentiality and Privacy

Part II    Confidentiality Identified
5.     Business, Commercial and Technical Information
6.      Personal Information
7.     Governmental Information
8.     Impact of Confidential Circumstances
9.     Confidentiality in Particular Relationships

Part III    Confidentiality Delimited
10.   Disclosure and Confidentiality
11.   Defending an Alleged Breach of Confidentiality
12.   Illustration of Parameters to Confidentiality

Part IV    Confidentiality Enforced
13.   Breach of Confidentiality
14.   Enforcing Confidentiality Against Third Parties
15.   Restraining a Breach of Confidentiality
16.   Rectifying a Breach of Confidentiality

Part V    Confidentiality in Proceedings
17.   Confidentiality in Discovery
18.   Confidentiality and Privilege
19.   Confidentiality in Dispute Resolution
20.   Court-Ordered Confidentiality

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ISBN: 9789350357859

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