Law of Wills by Gopalakrishnan, 11th Edition | 2021

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Law of Wills by Gopalakrishnan, 11th Edition | 2021

Author Gopalakrishnan
Publication Date
December 2021
ISBN 9789391211677
Format Hardcover
Publisher LexisNexis

Since its initial release in 1963, Gopalakrishnan Law of Wills has established itself as a reliable commentary on the topic. It covers all the crucial elements of the law of wills, including pertinent forms and case law.

Key Features of Law of Wills:

  • Taking care of Wills from all communities and providing extensive case law
  • Contains relevant statutes and model will forms.
  • To make the new edition easier to read and comprehend, it has undergone a complete overhaul.
  • To make it a thorough treatise on the issue, new chapters on the doctrine of waiver and dubious circumstances surrounding the execution of Will have been added.
  • includes up-to-date rulings from the Supreme Court and different high courts, such as Vinodchandra Sakarlal Kapadia v. State of Gujarat and Lynette Fernandes v. Gertie Mathias.


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ISBN: 9789391211677

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