LexisNexis Civil Litigation Series: Stay of Proceedings (E-book)

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LexisNexis Civil Litigation Series: Stay of Proceedings (E-book)

Author Lexis Nexis 
Publication Date 13 January, 2016
ISBN 9789674004477
Format E-book
Publisher LexisNexis


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Stay of Proceedings from LexisNexis Civil Litigation Series has become an indispensable reference source for legal professionals. This portable and easy travel-sized book provides significant value by assisting the practitioner with all stages of proceedings from pre-action to post-judgment, as well as serving as a handy checklist for experienced practitioners and a step-by-step guide for new practitioners. The Forms are extensively annotated, with cross-references to relevant sections of the explanation text. This book includes expert commentary to help lawyers navigate general and specialty court procedures.

CONTENTS OF LexisNexis Civil Litigation Series: Stay of Proceedings

Stay of Proceedings in High Court
Stay of Proceedings in Subordinate Court
Notice of Application


ISBN: 9789674004477

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