Lye Lin Heng’s Landlord and Tenant Law in Singapore (Second Edition)


Lye Lin Heng’s Landlord and Tenant Law in Singapore , 2nd Edition

Author Lye Lin Heng, Koh Swee Yen, Elaine Chew
Publication Date April 2020
ISBN 9789814892230
Publisher LexisNexis


This is the second edition of Lye Lin Heng's Landlord and Tenant Law (issued by Malaya Law Review & Butterworths in 1990 as part of the Singapore Law Series).
The book is broken into four parts and has twelve chapters.
  • Part I (Chapters 1–5) introduces the reader to the lease as well as the unique character of the landlord-tenant relationship.
  • Part II (Chapters 6–8) concentrates on the parties' rights and responsibilities.
  • Part III (Chapters 9 and 10) explores the various types of termination and the parties' rights in the event of termination.
  • Part IV, Special Leases (Chapters Eleven and Twelve), concentrates on the HDB Lease (Public Housing) and Green Leases, respectively.
This book is written for a broad audience, including law students, legal professionals, property developers, real estate agents, and the well-informed layperson. It examines legal principles and cases, as well as practical issues including stamp fees and attorneys' fees, as well as the procedures for recovering rent arrears and regaining possession for breach of covenants.
The book also points out the flaws in several English land law principles (on which Singapore's landlord and tenant law is founded), which were formed in a rural, feudal setting. They may no longer be applicable, and readers are encouraged to apply critical thinking in the context of today's urban setting in Singapore, drawing on the wealth of experience from other common law countries presented in this book.

A new supplement chapter in this edition examines the issues and laws arising from the COVID-19 epidemic, including:
• The COVID-19 (Temporary Measures) Act's obligations between landlord and tenant.
• The COVID-19 (Temporary Measures) (Amendment) Act's rental relief structure for tenants.
• The Fair Tenancy Framework Industry Committee and the Fair Tenancy Framework.

TABLE OF CONTENTS of Landlord and Tenant Law in Singapore

1. Land tenure and the lease in Singapore
2. Leases and licenses
3. Legal capacity to grant and take leases
4. Types of leases
5. Creation of leases
6. Rights and obligations of parties to a lease
7. Rent
8. Assignments of leases and the enforcement of covenants
9. Termination
10. Rights of the parties on termination
11. Leases from the HDB – Public housing
12. Green leases

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