Malaysian Stamp Duty Handbook, 6th Edition


Malaysian Stamp Duty Handbook, 6th Edition

Author Arjunan Subramaniam
Publication Date May 2020
ISBN 9789672339373
Softcover + Ebook
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell

Stamp duty is a tax on instruments, and it applies to the majority of instruments used in a transaction. The Malaysian Stamp Tax Handbook is a helpful and informative guide to stamp duty in Malaysia. This book examines the various instruments subject to stamp duty, important concepts such as consideration and conveyance, how duty is computed in various situations, available reliefs, and relevant offences and penalties under the law, as well as the various issues considered by the courts when interpreting a taxing statute. This book is expected to be essential for accountants, lawyers, financial officers, business owners, and company secretaries.
The Malaysian Stamp Duty Handbook, 6th edition, has been revised and updated to reflect the most recent amendments up to December 2019, while maintaining its simple structure, with principles presented in short, succinct points, examples to illustrate the application of the law, detailed tax computations, and appended annotated statutes and relevant IRB forms.
The Malaysian Stamp Duty Handbook was written by a seasoned expert in the field. He is a seasoned tax professional who formerly worked as an Assistant Director General for the Malaysian Inland Revenue Department and then as a Tax Director for an international accounting firm.

TABLE OF CONTENTS of Malaysian Stamp Duty Handbook, 6th Edition

Chapter 1: Introduction - A Bird's Eye View of Stamp Duties
Chapter 2: Meaning of Consideration
Chapter 3: The Contingency Principle
Chapter 4: Conveyance: Scope and Meaning
Chapter 5: Partnership Deed
Chapter 6: Conveyance - Specific Statutory Provisions
Chapter 7: Relief from Stamp Duty - Reconstruction and Amalgamation
Chapter 8: Relief from Stamp Duty - Transfers of Property Between Associated Companies
Chapter 9: Stamping and Penalties
Chapter 10: Adjudication
Chapter 11: Appeals
Chapter 12: First Schedule - Instruments Chargeable with Stamp Duty
Chapter 13: Offences and Penalties
Chapter 14: Miscellaneous Schedules
Chapter 15: The Canons of Construction

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ISBN: 9789672339373

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