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Mareva Injunctions and Anton Piller Relief

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Mareva Injunctions and Anton Piller Relief  BY STEVEN GEE QC, 3rd Edition

Author Steven Gee QC MA
Publication Date 1995
ISBN 085121 908X
Format Hardcover
Publisher FT Law & Tax


1. Evolution of the Mareva injunction and Anton Piller relief
2. Nature of Mareva relief
3. Forms of the Mareva injunction
4. Comparison of Mareva relief with other forms of order preserving assets
5. The Jurisdiction to grant Mareva and Anton Piller relief
6. Preservation of assets: other types of relief
7. The ex parte application
8. The duty to make full and frank disclosure
9. The undertaking in damages 
10. The granting of Mareva relief
11. Mareva relief against assets in the name of or claimed by a third party
12. Appointment of a receiver
13. The granting of Anton Piller relief and execution of the order
14. Contempt of court: the position of the defendant and third parties
15. Mareva injunctions and third parties
16. The writ ne exeat regno and s 6 of the Debtors Act 1869
17. Ancillary orders
18. Discharge, variations and appeals
19. The uses to which disclosed documents or information may be put
20. Criminal Marevas, restraint orders and receivers

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