More Women's Wicked Wit by Michelle Lovric


More Women's Wicked Wit by Michelle Lovric

Author Michelle Lovric
Publication Date 2005
ISBN 9781853755675
Soft Cover 
Publisher Prion Books Ltd


Following the triumph of Women's Wicked Wit, this latest compilation features almost 2000 captivating quotes from some of the most humorous and outspoken women. Organized thematically around specific subjects or topics that ignite the passion of these spirited ladies, these quotes encompass some of the most cutting comebacks, sharpest humor, and most incisive wit imaginable. Covered topics include Life, Love, Other Women, Motherhood, Children, Education, Workplace, Fame and Fortune, Friendship, Food and Drink, Cars, along with other maddening contraptions, Dictators, Couch Potatoes, Media, Travel and Adventures, Faux Pas, Beauty and Fashion Myths, Ageism, and Death. Oh, and Men... From Dorothy Parker to Julie Burchill, Kathy Burke to Susan Sarandon, this immensely entertaining compilation of women's quotes boasts timeless one-liners that will either send you seeking cover or have you bursting into laughter.

ISBN: 9781853755675

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