Morris: The Conflict of Laws, 9th Edition


Morris: The Conflict of Laws, 9th Edition

Author David McClean, Veronica Ruiz Abou-Nigm
Publication Date July 2016
ISBN 9780414038165
Format Softcover
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell


Morris: The Conflict of Laws, now in its ninth edition, is one of the most widely used books on the subject, covering all aspects of private international law. Its extent and depth of information are unrivalled.

The work explains the subject's core ideas as well as how the law operates in practise. The authors stimulate critical thinking by asking readers to consider issues related to the conflict of laws as a whole, as well as its theoretical foundation and methods.

The ninth edition has been completely rewritten to reflect recent advancements in the discipline. The new edition includes the following features:-

  • jurisdiction has been broadened, with new material on practical issues in international litigation included.
  • a thorough examination of the Brussels I bis Regulation
  • inclusion of an increasing number of decisions on the interpretation of the Rome Regulations on choice of law in contractual and non-contractual responsibilities
  • material on the legal ramifications of same-sex marriage's implementation in England and elsewhere.
  • a re-evaluation of marriage property and the financial implications of divorce
  • An examination of how the English concept of habitual residency has evolved, particularly in the case of children.

TABLE OF CONTENTS of Morris: The Conflict of Laws, 9th Edition

Introduction to the Conflict of Laws
Personal Connecting Factors
Exclusion of Foreign Law
Jurisdiction: Principles and European Rules
Jurisdiction: the Traditional English Rules
Sovereign and Diplomatic Immunity
Foreign Judgments
Foreign Arbitral Awards
Matrimonial Causes
Children: guardianship and care
Children: legitimacy, legitimation and adoption
Matrimonial Property
Succession and the Administration of Estates
The Conduct of International Litigation
Technical Problems
Theories and Methods

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ISBN: 9780414038165

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