Native Court and Customary Law of Sabah (with Cases and Decisions) | E-book

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Native Court and Customary Law of Sabah (with Cases and Decisions) | E-book

 Author Lexis Nexis 
Publication Date 13 January, 2016
ISBN 9789674004637
Format E-book
Publisher LexisNexis


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In 1993, the first version of this book was released. It was an important collection of written material on native law and custom for the Native Courts' instruction and reference. The majority of the original articles have been preserved in this 2015 edition, with additional content added to reflect the system's growth and evolution. In the daily lives of the people of Sabah, native law and custom have played a significant role. When the British Chartered Company bought the land that would become modern-day Sabah from the Sultan of Sulu, there was already a system of justice administration based on native law and custom.

TABLE OF CONTENTS of Native Court and Customary Law of Sabah (with Cases and Decisions)  (E-book)

Part 1 :
Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Native Law in Sabah and Sarawak
Chapter 3 Discussion on the Native Court Ordinance
Chapter 4 Native Law in Sabah
Chapter 5 Review of Native Courts Enactment, 1992
Chapter 6 Native Courts and the Construction of Modern
Legal Thinking in Sabah: A Case Study
Chapter 7 Common Law Native Title In Malaysia: Selected Issues For Forest Stakeholders
Chapter 8 Native Court Enactment
Part 2 : Judgments of the Native Court of Appeal [1994 to 2009]
Part 3 : Relevant Judgment of Cases on Native Custom & Laws

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