Paget's Law of Banking, 16th Edition (Indian Reprint) by John Odgers KC | 2024


Paget's Law of Banking, 16th Edition (Indian Reprint) by John Odgers KC | 2024

Author John Odgers KC & Ian Wilson KC
Publication Date 2024
ISBN 9788119403622
Edition 16th Indian Reprint Edition
Publisher LexisNexis


Originally published in 1904, Paget’s Law of Banking has solidified its position as the foremost guide for practitioners in banking law. The latest edition builds upon its longstanding reputation as the authoritative text in banking law, while also reflecting the evolving landscape in which banks operate.

The 16th edition maintains its tradition of offering a thorough, lucid, and precise overview of banking law, with a specific focus on the fundamental principles underlying case law.

This updated and expanded edition serves as an essential resource for practitioners, providing comprehensive coverage and insights to navigate the shifting regulatory terrain. Authored by experts from 3 Verulam Buildings and the Financial Ombudsman Service, it offers:

- Recent case law updates across various areas, including advancements in Guarantees and Consumer Credit.
- A new section on Consumer Redress, featuring two new chapters on The Financial Ombudsman Service and Authorised Push Payment Fraud.
- Significantly expanded coverage on international sanctions.

TABLE OF CONTENTS of Paget's Law of Banking, 16th Edition

Part I: The Regulatory Framework
Part II: Banks and Customers
Part III: Bank Lending
Part IV: Security
Part V: Customer Insolvency
Part VI: Payments
Part VII: Investments and Financial Products
Part VIII: Interference by Third Parties
Part IX: Letters of Credit and Performance Bonds
Part X: Consumer Redress

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ISBN: 9788119403622

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