Paradise Lost: Mahathir & The End of Hope | *2021 | Autographed*


Paradise Lost:

Mahathir & The End of Hope

Author Dennis Ignatius
Publication Date 2021
ISBN 9789671998106
Format Softcover
Publisher Dennis Ignatius


'PARADISE LOST: Mahathir & The End of Hope' examines Dr. Mahathir Mohamad's role in Malaysia's political development, as well as his ultimately devastating legacy of corruption, bigotry, and religious extremism. He inherited a nation full of promise and left it divided, uncertain, and insecure, a big kleptocracy, a dreadful kakistocracy. It also looks at Mahathir's participation in Pakatan Harapan's surprising electoral triumph in 2018 and his subsequent betrayal of the coalition he was tasked with leading.

The ultimate consequence is a country in grave crisis, floating in a sea of uncertainty, unable to reconcile its history and unwilling to make the necessary compromises for its future. Paradise Lost, written by a former Malaysian ambassador, is a sombre read. 

It is intensely controversial, challenging long-held beliefs, highlighting the nation's current threats, and arguing that Malaysia's best hope for salvation rests in embracing and leveraging its distinctive multicultural culture.

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ISBN: 9789671998106

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