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Personal Data Protection in Malaysia

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Personal Data Protection in Malaysia Law and Practice By Abu Bakar Munir and Siti Hajar Mohd Yasin

Author Abu Bakar Munir and Siti Hajar Mohd Yasin
Publication Date Oct 2010




Publisher: Sweet & Maxwell Asia

The right to privacy has been recognized as a fundamental human right and privacy protection is frequently seen as a way of drawing the line at how far society can intrude into a person's affairs. In today's digital world, personal data has emerged as something that is valuable and needs to be taken care of. Besides ensuring the privacy and security of individuals, the protection and integrity of personal data are also important for business reputation and success.

 The Personal Data Protection Act 2010 aims at regulating the processing of personal data in commercial transactions. the proper implementation of the legislative scheme and its compliance by the business sector will move Malaysia a long way towards meetings the data protection requirements imposed by major trading partners around the world.

This book is the first work to consider in detail the law and practice of the protection of personal data in Malaysia. Written by authors who are well-known in this field, it explains the workings of the new Malaysian data protection system. The various personal data protection principles are discussed in depth. The experience of other jurisdictions such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland is referred to for valuable guidance. The international data protection instruments, namely the OECD Guidelines, the European Union Data Protection Directive, the Council of Europe Convention, the APEC Privacy Framework and the Madrid Resolution are also discussed. A wide range of cases that have been investigated and decided by the the personal data protection authorities and appellate courts of various jurisdictions are presente doffer guidance on the practical application of the Law. 

Data protection law is envisaged to have a big impact on day-to-day business practices. It provides important rights to individual data subjects that have to be respected and protected by business organisations, large and small, because the stiff penalties provided will make infringements very costly for business. This is therefore a book that is essential reading for corporate counsel, legal advisers, lawyers, academics, senior business executives, human resources managers, compliance managers, IT professionals and risk management executives. 


  • Privacy and Data Protection
  • International Data Protection Instruments
  • Data Protection Around the World
  • Application and Key Concepts
  • Registration of Data Users
  • Data Protection Principles
  • Exemptions
  • Processing of Sensitive Personal Data
  • Rights of Data Subject
  • Offences and Liability
  • Enforcement and Data Protection Commissioner
  • Codes of Practice
  • Transfer of Data to Outside Malaysia
  • PDPA: Is it Adequate?
  • Data Protection under the Credit Reporting Agencies Act
  • Data Protection in Other Regulations

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