Pilkington on Creditor Schemes of Arrangement and Restructuring Plans, 3rd Ed | 2022

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Pilkington on Creditor Schemes of Arrangement and Restructuring Plans, 3rd Ed | 2022

Author Christian Pilkington, Will Stoner
Publication Date September 2022
ISBN 9780414100022
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell


In-depth guidance on the legal principles, formal processes, and practical concerns that support the use of creditor schemes of arrangements and the new "restructuring plan" option as used in complex financial restructurings is provided in Pilkington on Creditor Schemes of Arrangement and Restructuring Plans. Under the direction of Christian Pilkington, the White & Case expert author team thoroughly covers the topic, covering its history, the underlying concepts guiding its use as a restructuring instrument, as well as important topics like jurisdiction, class composition concerns, and international recognition. With a practical focus, the book offers case studies to illustrate various sorts of schemes of organization and explain some of the most high-profile worldwide restructurings of recent years, in addition to diagrams and flowcharts that summarize complex processes.

Schemes have played a crucial role in the reorganization of both UK- and foreign-incorporated enterprises, and even after Brexit, they can still be recognized in several European jurisdictions. This makes Pilkington a vital text for your insolvency library, together with the new restructuring plan that expands on the scheme idea (and was introduced by CIGA 2020).

The third version:

  • explains the many restructuring plans that are available and how they connect with the new restructuring plan that CIGA 2020 has developed.
  • includes in-depth analysis, supporting documentation, and case studies of active projects.
  • focuses on the challenging cross-border and legal concerns that practitioners must contend with.
  • Analyzes all significant cases since the last edition and assesses current developments in scheme jurisprudence.
  • examines the employment of strategies in global restructurings following the Brexit
  • compares similar "cram-down" practices in other jurisdictions to provide a comparative study.

The third edition includes:

  • new material on restructuring plans, analysis of the most significant restructuring plans utilized to date, and information on how existing caselaw on schemes might be modified and utilised in plans.
  • An examination of recent decisions, including the initial reorganization proposals
  • A examination of the new case studies and the range of available programs and plans following Brexit
  • examines all of the significant cases since the last edition, including as but not limited to:
    • Re Noble Group [2018] EWHC 2911
    • Re DTEK Energy BV [2021] EWHC 1551 (Ch)
    • Re ALL Scheme Ltd [2021] EWHC 1401 (Ch)
    • Re Provident SPV Ltd [2021] EWHC 2217 (Ch)

The updated third edition is comprehensive and useful, making it simple to find the solutions you need and apply them to regular activities. Even the most complicated areas of the subject are confidently handled thanks to the authors' experience. It is the definitive resource for any issue involving corporate reorganization.