Practical Commercial Precedents Looseleaf

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Practical Commercial Precedents Looseleaf

Edited by Daniel Rosenberg
Publication Date Updated to release 129, as at June 2023
ISBN 30828997
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell

Practical Commercial Precedents establishes the benchmark for creating commercial contracts and agreements. It furnishes an array of documents and clauses essential for virtually any commercial scenario, accompanied by expert insights and guidance.

Each precedent is accompanied by lucid explanations from a panel of proficient contributors, aiding in document selection and offering advice on alternative clauses tailored to address specific circumstances.

With its comprehensive assortment of precedent documents, thorough information, and lucid commentary, Practical Commercial Precedents equips users with the necessary tools to navigate nearly every conceivable business endeavor.

Key features include:
- Inclusion of comprehensive contracts and agreements for commercial transactions
- Provision of alternative clauses to accommodate specific scenarios
- Detailed commentary elucidating the significance of each clause
- Examination of pertinent aspects of commercial law with consideration of tax and stamp duty implications
- Compilation by specialists in respective fields to ensure expertise and accuracy

Contents of Practical Commercial Precedents Looseleaf:

  • Common clauses
  • Organisation of a business
  • Public companies
  • Sale of shares and businesses
  • Employment
  • Pensions
  • Intellectual property
  • Computer contracts
  • Internet
  • Commercial property development
  • Agency and distribution
  • Sale of goods
  • Franchising
  • Leasing and hire
  • Credit and finance
  • Consumer credit
  • Merchandising and sponsorship
  • Private equity transactions
  • International joint ventures
  • Sport
  • Outsourcing agreements
  • Media and entertainment
  • Data protection
  • Company administration

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ISBN: 30828997

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