Practice and Procedure of Mediation by Harbans Singh K.S

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 Practice and Procedure of Mediation BY Harbans Singh K.S, Samrith Kaur, Rammit Kaur and Louise Azmi

Author Harbans Singh K.S, Samrith Kaur, Rammit Kaur and Louise Azmi
Publication Date May 2020
ISBN 9789672339434
Hardcover + Ebook
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell

"This book is undoubtedly an essential and invaluable reference guide to anyone interested in mediation in Malaysia."
From the Foreword by
Dato' Lim Chong Fong
High Court Judge, Kuala Lumpur
This book, Practice and Procedure of Mediation, is one of the first of its kind, and it aims to cover both the practical and procedural components of mediation. Mediation is a rapidly emerging area of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) in Malaysia and around the world. The passage of the Mediation Act 2012 (Act 749) and the Chief Justice's Practice Direction No. 4/2016, as well as Malaysia's signing of the Singapore Mediation Convention 2019 are just a few examples of the mediation industry's expansion in Malaysia over the last decade.

This book is a thorough and comprehensive guide to learning the ins and outs of the mediation process. Due to its primarily practical and non-legal approach, it is a thorough guide for individuals interested in the mediation practise in any other landscape, while being created in the context of the local jurisdiction.

KEY FEATURES of Practice and Procedure of Mediation:

  • Written in a straightforward manner that even the most inexperienced layperson may understand.
  • The substantive and procedural components of mediation law are thoroughly covered.
  • The Mediation Act of 2012 and related statutes are explained in detail.
  • Court-based, contractual, and ad hoc mediations are all covered in this practical guide.
  • Flowcharts, diagrams, and checklists are used extensively for simple reference and assistance.
  • Templates, example letters, and documents are all available.
  • Appendices with varied mediation rules are included.

The authors have extensive ADR experience, particularly in mediation. Their combined knowledge and skill in the field of mediation has been useful in making this product thorough, organised, and informative for readers interested in conflict resolution.

This book serves as a practical handbook for mediators, lawyers, arbitrators, academics, and students of alternative dispute resolution. Individuals and organisations active in ADR should find it to be an essential resource.

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