Practice and Procedure of Mediation

Practice and Procedure of Mediation

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"This Book is undoubtedly an essential and invaluable reference guide to anyone interested in mediation in Malaysia." From the forward by Dato' Lim Chong Fong, High Court Judge, Kuala Lumpur. 

Mediation is now seen as a growing area of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) not only in Malaysia but globally as well. This book is intended to expansively address both the practical and procedural aspects of mediation. Though written in the context of Malaysia, it is a comprehensive guide for those interested in mediation practice in any order landscape due to its practical and non-legal approach.

Practice and procedure of Mediation is a methodical and detailed handbook for understanding the ins and outs of the mediation process. This book serves as a Practical Handbook and is especially useful for mediators, legal practitioners, arbitrators, academicians, and students of ADR. It should also be an invaluable source of reference for individuals and organisations involved in ADR. 

Key Features:

  • Written in a simple manner, making it easy even for the informed layman to follow.
  • Comprehensive coverage of the substantive and procedural aspects of mediation law.
  • Instructive explanation of the Mediation Act 2012 and related laws.
  • Practical guide with detailed explanation on court-based, contractual and ad hoc meditations.
  • Extensive use of flowcharts, diagrams and checklists for easy reference and guidance. 
  • Useful collection of templates, sample letters and documents.
  • Supplemented by appendices containing various mediation rules.

The authors are experienced ADR practitioners, especially in mediation. Their collective knowledge and expertise in the field of Mediation is invaluable in making this title comprehensive, organised, and informative for readers with interest in dispute resolution.