Principles of Administrative Law 9th Edition 2021 by M P Jain

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Principles of Administrative Law 9th Edition 2021

Author M P Jain & S N Jain
Edition 9th Edition, 2021
ISBN 9789391211615
Format Hardcover
Publisher Lexis Nexis

M P Jain & S N Jain Concepts of Administrative Law has been a major treatise on the subject for almost four decades, providing a clear enunciation of the principles of Indian administrative law. Because individuals are coming into more contact with the administrative machinery, this book is an excellent resource for judges, attorneys, government officials, academicians, students, and concerned citizens.

Key Features of Principles of Administrative Law 9th:

  • A comprehensive discussion of administrative law and constitutional foundations.
  • Across two volumes and 47 chapters, a thematically organised commentary on Administrative Law examines the concept and practise of administrative law in depth.
  • Takes into account new developments that have emerged as a result of a number of key judicial rulings aimed at strengthening procedural and substantive safeguards against the administration.
  • UOI v M/S G S Chatha Rice Mills, Tamil Nadu Medical Officers Association v UOI, UOI v Agricas LLP, and other recent Supreme Court and High Court decisions are included.
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ISBN: 9789391211615

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