Principles of Business and Corporate Law, Malaysia 4th Edition | 2022

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Principles of Business and Corporate Law, Malaysia 4th Edition

Author Dr Loganathan Krishnan, Parimaladevi Rajoo, Anne Chrishanthani Vergis
Publication Date Jun 2022
ISBN 9789672875086
Publisher Wolters Kluwer


In the core topics of business and corporate law, the Fourth Edition of Principles of Business and Corporate Law Malaysia describes the Malaysian legal system and the legislation that controls the Malaysian business environment. The book is presented in a clear, brief, point-to-point style that makes it simple to understand and quickly absorb the essential ideas of the topic under discussion. To reinforce explanations, references to statutes, case law, illustrations, and examples are often employed. This edition of the law revisits numerous areas in light of the epidemic. This book will examine the new laws that were passed to deal with the pandemic.

Key Features of Principles of Business and Corporate Law, Malaysia 4th Edition:

  • This book discusses both corporation law and business law.
  • The book is easy to read because it is written in a point-by-point, numbered format.
  • Cases are clearly distinguished from the text, and in a similar way, copies of relevant portions of the law are boxed up and printed in a distinct typeface.
  • Every chapter begins with "Learning Outcomes," which describes what the reader should understand after reading the chapter.
  • contains a "Summary" of the most important ideas covered and a "Self-test" at the conclusion of each chapter.
  • To make finding paragraphs easier, footers with paragraph numbers are noted at the bottom of each page.
  • Use of a glossary to help students who are looking for definitions of new or obscure terms
  • thorough indexing to aid in research
  • Local cases are included when appropriate in addition to the famous foreign cases, and these cases are utilised to highlight important ideas and avoid making the subject matter seem "too dry."

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