Principles of The Law of Contract in Malaysia 4th edition


Principles of The Law of Contract in Malaysia 4th edition

Author Dr Syed Ahmad Alsagoff
Publication Date 27 July, 2015
ISBN 9789674003548
Format Soft Cover
Publisher Lexis Nexis


The provisions of the Contracts Act 1950 are explained in this book with illustrated illustrations of contractual circumstances based on decided cases. This book is primarily intended for law students learning Malaysian contract law. It also assists students of accounting, engineering, and business administration in understanding the fundamental principles of contract law. This book will be useful to practitioners in Malaysia and other jurisdictions. The author has placed a strong emphasis on Malaysian court decisions and their impact on Malaysian contract law.

Key Features of Law of Contract in Malaysia
• Provides 101 questions organised by topic, as well as recommendations on how to answer contract problem problems.
• Comparison of Malaysian court judgements on contract law with those of other legal countries, particularly the courts of England.

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ISBN: 9789674003548

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