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Project Finance: A Legal Guide, 4th Edition

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Author Graham Vinter, Gareth Price, David Lee
Publication Date 21/08/2013




Publisher: Sweet & Maxwell

This popular and highly respected text examines and gives guidance on the more important legal and commercial issues that arise in the course of project financing. Written in a simple and informative style, this book explains current market practice and how various techniques are used and adapted in a range of different sectors, from large cross-border upstream oil and gas projects to small to medium sized PPP projects.

  • Explains the legal issues involved in the tendering, negotiation, financial structuring and management of infrastructure and energy products.
  • Provides detailed guidance in one source on the many branches of law involved in a typical project financing.
  • Covers all types of project financing, from large cross-border upstream oil & gas projects to small Public-Private Partnership projects.
  • Contains separate sections on the many different commercial sectors where project financings take place.
  • Advises on commercial and financial issues in addition to strictly legal topics.
  • Features chapters on running competitions and how to structure a bid.
  • Considers the position where a project runs into trouble.
  • Examines the insurance issues relevant for project finance


  • The Parties Objectives.
  • Running a Competition.
  • Structuring the Bid.
  • Types of Vehicle.
  • The Contractual Framework; Bankability.
  • The Principle Finance Documents.
  • Sponsor Support, Security and Related Issues.
  • Projects in Trouble.
  • Insurance Issues.
  • Export Credit and Multilateral Agencies.
  • Other Issues.
  • Some Specific Areas of Project Finance.
  • LNG Projects.
  • Public Private Partnerships.

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