Project Finance: A Legal Guide, 4th Edition

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Project Finance: A Legal Guide, 4th Edition

Author Graham Vinter, Gareth Price, David Lee
Publication Date 21 August 2013
ISBN 9780414042391
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell


This widely used and regarded guide analyses and advises on the main essential legal and commercial concerns that arise during project financing. This book describes current market practise and how various strategies are employed and adapted in a variety of industries, from huge cross-border upstream oil and gas projects to small to medium sized PPP projects, in a straightforward and informative way.

  • Explains the legal concerns of infrastructure and energy product tenders, negotiation, financial structuring, and management.
  • Provides comprehensive counsel on the different aspects of legislation involved in conventional project financing in one place.
  • From massive cross-border upstream oil and gas projects to minor Public-Private Partnership projects, this book covers all sorts of project financing.
  • There are distinct sections on the many commercial sectors where project funding occurs.
  • In addition to purely legal matters, he provides advice on commercial and financial matters.
  • There are sections on how to hold competitions and how to structure a bid.
  • Considers the situation in which a project has ran into difficulties.
  • Examines project finance-related insurance difficulties.

TABLE OF CONTENTS of Project Finance: A Legal Guide, 4th Edition

  • The Parties Objectives.
  • Running a Competition.
  • Structuring the Bid.
  • Types of Vehicle.
  • The Contractual Framework; Bankability.
  • The Principle Finance Documents.
  • Sponsor Support, Security and Related Issues.
  • Projects in Trouble.
  • Insurance Issues.
  • Export Credit and Multilateral Agencies.
  • Other Issues.
  • Some Specific Areas of Project Finance.
  • LNG Projects.
  • Public Private Partnerships.

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ISBN: 9780414042391

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