Psychiatric And Psychological Evidence, 3d


Psychiatric And Psychological Evidence, 3d

Author Daniel W. Shuman
Publication Date 2014
ISBN 9789381082379
Format Hardcover
Publisher Thomson Reuters


Be well-versed in psychiatric and psychological research. Information is easily accessible. Part one: Fundamentals of psychiatric and psychological professions; theories of mental illness, how to diagnose and treat them; how to do literature searches. Part two: Applicable rules of evidence; acquiring and presenting evidence, qualifying experts, and evidence restrictions. Part three: Using psychiatric and psychological evidence in criminal cases, child-related legal concerns, and competency hearings.


  • Introduction to psychology and the psychiatric sector, as well as research assistance.
  • Competence proceedings are discussed.
  • Information is easily accessible, including Westlaw search references.

TABLE OF CONTENTS of Psychiatric And Psychological Evidence, 3d

  1. Theories of Mental Illness
  2. Psychiatric and Psychological Diagnosis
  3. Treatment
  4. The Professions of Psychiatry and Psychology
  5. Researching Psychiatric and Psychological Literature
  6. Obtaining Psychiatric and Psychological Evidence
  7. General Requirements for the Presentation of Expert Psychiatric and Psychological Evidence
  8. Qualification of the Expert
  9. Form and Mode of Presentation of Psychiatric and Psychological Evidence
  10. General Limitations on Psychiatric and Psychological Evidence
  11. Criminal Proceedings: Pretrial
  12. Criminal Proceedings: Trial
  13. Legal Issues Involving Children
  14. Personal Injury Litigation
  15. Competence
  16. Civil Commitment
  17. Novel Applications of Psychiatric and Psychological Evidence
  18. Nontestimonial Uses of Psychiatric and Psychological Evidence
  • Table of Laws and Rules
  • Table of Cases
  • Bibliography
  • Index

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ISBN: 9789381082379

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