Registration Of Engineers Act 1967 (Act 138) And Regulations (Together With Malay Version)

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Registration Of Engineers Act 1967 (Act 138) And Regulations

(Together With Malay Version)

(As At 15th April 2010)

Detailed Contents of Registration Of Engineers Act 1967 (Act 138):

Malaysian law governs the registration, accreditation, and discipline of engineers in the nation through the Registration of Engineers Act 1967 (Act 138). The Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM) is established under the Act as the regulatory body in charge of carrying out the Act's provisions and regulating the engineering industry in Malaysia. The Act also outlines the conditions for becoming a registered professional engineer in Malaysia.

The main clauses of the Registration of Engineers Act of 1967 (Act 138) are listed below:

  1. Engineer registration: Engineers who meet specified educational and professional requirements may register under the Act. A list of engineers who are qualified to practise engineering in Malaysia must be kept up to date by the BEM.
  2. Engineering Program Accreditation: The Act enables universities and other higher education organisations to accredit their engineering programmes. These programmes must be evaluated and accredited by the BEM in order for them to be compliant with the standards necessary for professional engineering practise.
  3. Engineers in Malaysia are required to abide by a code of professional conduct that is established by the Act. The code outlines the moral and professional requirements that engineers must meet when performing their jobs.
  4. Disciplinary Actions: According to the Act, registered engineers who disobey the Code of Professional Conduct or participate in other misconduct are subject to disciplinary action. The BEM is able to look into complaints and apply sanctions, such as the suspension or cancellation of registration.
  5. Appeals: The Act allows for challenges to BEM rulings. A judgement made by the BEM may be upheld, modified, or overturned by an appeal to the Minister of Works.
  6. Regulations: The Act is supported by a number of regulations that go into more depth about the standards for accreditation, registration, and disciplinary actions. Also, the rules provide for the registration of international engineers who want to work in Malaysia.

The "Akta Pendaftaran Jurutera 1967 (Akta 138)" is the name of the Registration of Engineers Act of 1967 (Act 138) in Malay, and it is accessible on the website of the Attorney General's Chambers of Malaysia. The rules can be viewed on the BEM website and are also available in Malay.

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