Riley on Business Interruption Insurance, 11th Ed


Riley on Business Interruption Insurance, 11th edition

Author Damian Glynn and Toby Rogers
Publication Date Oct 2021
ISBN 9780414088450
Format Hardcover
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell


Riley continues to distinguish itself as the industry leader in business interruption insurance. It provides a 360-degree view of the subject as well as practical, authoritative advice by combining insurance, legal, and accounting views.
This new version arrives at an important juncture. Following the UK Supreme Court's decision in the FCA test case on business interruption insurance, it has been completely updated and reconstructed. Riley discusses the significance of this ruling and the implications for policyholders affected by the COVID-19 outbreak.
New features of the 11th edition include:
  • The chapters have been extensively restructured to increase accessibility and usability.
  • A new legal chapter discusses the Insurance Act of 2015, late payment damages, the 2021 FCA test case, and the consequences for causation under business interruption policies.
  • New analysis of parametric and pandemic/epidemic coverage.
  • Extensions of business interruption have been consolidated into a single chapter, treated in greater depth, and now dealt in a practical, alphabetical order.
  • Consideration of cyber risks and available protection.
  • Updated coverage of all threats, including riots and terrorism.
It also provides advice on policy wordings, coverage limits, and legal analysis of claims in the UK and US, with comparisons to other jurisdictions. Riley is the ultimate handbook for navigating through the complicated subject of business interruption claims, whether you're a legal practitioner, loss adjuster, or forensic accountant.
Other features of the title include:
  • An assessment of business interruption insurance practise, strategy, and method.
  • Expert analysis and practical examples provide extensive understanding from a legal, insurance, and accounting standpoint.
  • Pandemics, explosions, earthquakes, riots, malicious destruction, floods, theft, fire, and other risks are all covered.
  • Examines standard policy wordings and clarifies essential words, pointing out common problems and offering sample settlement formulae.
  • Examines the methods for determining the required basis of coverage.
  • All parts of the claims process, calculations, and settlements are covered.
  • Examines business interruption and global insurance programmes from a worldwide perspective.
  • Compares business interruption insurance coverage in 30 countries across Europe, the Americas, and Asia-Pacific.
  • Comparative comparison of the UK and US models, as well as their policy wordings.
  • Examines many accounting methodologies, including income stream analysis, gross profit, gross earnings, and determining changes to turnover.
  • Explains how the policy's wording can handle recurring claims difficulties and how they can be resolved in practise.
  • Over 200 charges in corporate accounts are addressed.

TABLE OF CONTENTS of Riley on Business Interruption Insurance, 11th Ed

  • Business Interruption Risk and Insurance – Introduction
  • Policy Overview
  • Additional Clauses and Extensions
  • Legal Principles Relevant to Business Interruption Claims
  • Risk Management and Self Insurance
  • Selecting the Right Cover
  • The Maximum Indemnity Period
  • Calculating the Amount to be Insured
  • Market Sectors and Specialist Risks
  • International Considerations
  • Claims – The Process and Mitigation of Loss
  • Claims – Evidencing Quantum
  • Claim Settlements – Issues that Arise in Practice
  • Current and Future Developments

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ISBN: 9780414088450

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