Road Transport Rules (Compilation of 51 Rules) (As At 10th June 2017)

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Road Transport Rules (Compilation Of 51 Rules)

(As At 10th June 2017)

A compilation of Rules made under the Road Transport Act. Contains Rules that were gazetted since 1959 including the Highway Code, Road Traffic Rules 1959.

The listing of the Rules are sorted in both chronological order and alphabetical order for easy reference.

Detailed Contents of Road Transport Rules (Compilation of 51 Rules):

The road transportation sector in Malaysia is governed by a collection of laws known as the Road Transport Regulations (Compilation of 51 Rules). The regulations, which were created in June 2017, address several different aspects of vehicle standards, road safety, and licencing requirements. The rules are described in great detail below.

Part 1: Introduction

  • Citation and start of sentence: The rules went into effect on June 1st, 2017, and are known as the Road Transport Rules (Compilation of 51 Rules).
  • Definitions are provided for terminology like "commercial vehicle," "driver," "gross vehicle weight," and "road train" that are used in the rules.

Section 2: Registration and Licensing

  • Driver licencing: Specifies the prerequisites for receiving a driver's licence, including the required minimum age, educational standards, and physical fitness.
  • Vehicle licencing: This topic covers the licencing and registration of vehicles, as well as the qualifications needed to get a licence and the kinds of vehicles that need one.
  • Exemptions from licencing and registration: Describes the conditions under which some vehicles may be excluded from licencing and registration.
  • Vehicle fitness: Specifies the requirements for vehicle fitness, including the frequency of inspections and the consequences of operating an unfit vehicle.

Section 3: Safety and Transportation

  • Specifies the top speed restrictions for different vehicle types on various types of roadways.
  • Covers the use of traffic signs and signals, as well as the many types of signs and signals and their respective definitions.
  • Discusses the responsibility of drivers to obey traffic control measures as well as the power of traffic police to regulate traffic.
  • The use of seat belts and kid restraints in automobiles is subject to several rules that are outlined in this section.
  • Establishes the standards for vehicle illumination and visibility, including the use of headlights, brake lights, and indicators.
  • Vehicle weights and dimensions: This section discusses the limitations on the weights and dimensions of vehicles, including the maximum length, width, and weight.
  • Dangerous commodities: Covers the labelling and handling of such goods, as well as their transportation.

Drivers and Driving, Part 4

  • Standards of conduct for drivers are outlined here, along with the consequences for driving recklessly or dangerously.
  • Driving under the influence: Discusses the consequences of doing so when intoxicated or drugged.
  • Outlines the repercussions for operating a vehicle without a legal licence.
  • Mobile phone usage is prohibited while driving, with the exception of emergencies.
  • Penalties for speeding are outlined, including a demerit point system and licence bans.
  • Outlines the regulations for overtaking, such as the need to indicate before overtaking and the obligation to overtake on the right.
  • Includes the laws governing parking and stopping, as well as the kinds of places where parking is forbidden.

Commercial Vehicles in Section 5

  • Licenses for commercial vehicles: Specifies the conditions for acquiring a commercial vehicle licence, including the required education and experience.
  • Driver requirements: Discusses the requirements for commercial vehicle drivers, including the requirement for specific training.
  • Outlines the criteria for maintenance and inspection as well as the safety standards for commercial vehicles.
  • Operation standards: Specifies the requirements for driving commercial vehicles, including loading and unloading regulations.
  • People and products: This section addresses the regulations governing the transportation of people and things in commercial vehicles, including the need for the necessary permits.

Part 6: Additional

  • Allows for appeals against judgements made in accordance with the regulations.

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