Russell-Clarke and Howe on Industrial Designs, 7th Edition

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Russell-Clarke and Howe on Industrial Designs, 7th Edition

Author Martin Howe
Publication Date 2005
ISBN 9780421780408
Format Hardcover
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell

The canonical text on all areas of the legislation relating to the protection of industrial designs in the United Kingdom is Russell-Clarke & Howe on Industrial Designs. The European Design Directive has revolutionised UK law in this field since the previous edition, which is reflected in major amendments to all aspects of the work.

* The definitive work has been updated.
* Completely revised to reflect the European Design Directive's significant revisions, including a new chapter on Community Designs and UK Harmonised Registered Designs.
* Takes into account recent case law, such as the European Court of Justice's decision in the Silhouette trade mark dispute.
* Contains a rewritten section on the copyright protection of designs in literary works.
* A new section on remedies for Community Design infringement and invalidation has been included.
* Examines the impact of the WTO agreement on compulsory licencing.
* All applicable legislation, including the complete text of the Directive and associated Regulations, is contained in the appendices.

CONTENTS of Russell-Clarke and Howe on Industrial Designs, 7th Edition

Ch. 1. Overview and historical introduction to design rights in the United Kingdom --
Ch. 2. Community designs and EC harmonised UK designs --
Ch. 3. Pre-2001 UK registered designs --
Ch. 4. UK national unregistered design right --
Ch. 5. Copyright protection for industrial deisgns --
Ch. 6. Infringement and validity disputes: remedies and procedures --
Ch. 7. Actions for threats of proceedings for infringement --
Ch. 8. Compulsory licensing and Crown use --
Ch. 9. European Community law and competition --
Ch. 10. Protection of semiconductor topographies --
Appendix A.:UK Registered Deisgns --
Appendix B: Community Designs --
Appendix C: UK Unregistered Design Right --
Appendix D: Copyright --
Appendix E: Court, Tribunal and Procedural Rules --
Appendix F: International Materials.

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ISBN: 9780421780408

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