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Sarawak Limitation Ordinance

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The law on limitation in the State of Sarawak is governed by the Limitation Ordinance (Sarawak) (Cap 49). The Limitation Ordinance (Sarawak) (Cap 49) was enacted on 1 January 1959 and was declared a Federal Law in 1965 by virtue of the Modification of Laws (Declaration of Present Laws) (Sarawak) Order 1965 -- FLN 200 of 1965. The preamble to the Ordinance reads as follows: 'An Ordinance to regulate the limitation of suits'. Section 5 states that 'when, by any special law now or hereafter in force in Sarawak, a period of limitation is especially prescribed for any suits, nothing herein contained shall affect or alter the period so prescribed. The schedule to the Ordinance sets out in numbered articles the particulars of the limitations applicable to every class of suit. The Schedule which is in seven parts includes 115 items. The parts are distinguished from each other by the period of limitation which each deal.


Sarawak Limitation Ordinance provides access to all reported and several unreported decisions on the Limitation Ordinance   (Sarawak) (Cap 49). The Full Judgments of all such decisions are provided in the CASEBOOK section of the publication. 

Sarawak Limitation Ordinance is the first publication on the  Limitation Ordinance   (Sarawak) (Cap 49). and as such is an indispensable research tool that permits the reader to search the  Limitation Ordinance (Sarawak) (Cap 49)under various subject classifications under the CITATOR SEARCH. Research into decisions pertaining to the  Limitation Ordinance (Sarawak) (Cap 49).is also possible by way of STATUTE SEARCH, that is, the reported cases can be accessed by way of the specific statutory provisions of the  Limitation Ordinance  (Sarawak) (Cap 49). The cases reflect the approach of Malaysian Courts in determining which provisions of the  Limitation Ordinance  (Sarawak) (Cap 49) are applicable in various fact situations.



Sarawak Limitation Ordinance is divided into the following series

  • Introduction
  • Citator 
  • Statute Search
  • Casebook
  • Words & Phrases
  •  Limitation Ordinance  (Sarawak) (Cap 49)