Schemes Of Arrangement In Corporate Restructuring, 2nd Edition

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Schemes Of Arrangement In Corporate Restructuring, 2nd Edition

Author Christian Pilkington
Publication Date Jul 2017
ISBN 9780414056954
Format Hardcover
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell


In-depth guidance on the legal concepts, formal procedures, and practical difficulties that support the use of schemes of arrangement in complicated financial restructurings is provided in Schemes of Arrangement in Corporate Restructuring. Under the direction of Christian Pilkington, the professional author team at White & Case covers the entire subject, including its development and the fundamental principles of its usage as a restructuring tool, as well as essential topics including jurisdiction, class composition concerns, and international recognition. In addition to diagrams and flowcharts that summarise complex processes, the book includes case studies that show various sorts of schemes of organisation and explain some of the most high-profile worldwide restructurings in recent years.

When a consensual solution amongst all of the company's creditors is not achievable, the English law plan of arrangement has become the weapon of choice for those involved in complex financial restructurings. Over the previous decade, many big European corporations have used or threatened to utilise a UK programme to restructure their debts, and this trend appears to be likely to continue.

Schemes have become increasingly important in the restructuring of foreign-incorporated businesses, as they are seen as more efficient and "user-friendly" than the local law alternatives.

The 2nd edition of Schemes Of Arrangement In Corporate Restructuring:

  • Explains the various types of reorganisation strategies accessible.
  • Includes in-depth research, precedent information, and detailed case studies of current plans.
  • Deals with the difficult cross-border and jurisdictional challenges that lawyers face.
  • Since the first edition's release in 2013, all major cases have been analysed, and contemporary developments in scheme jurisprudence have been evaluated.
  • Examines how Brexit might affect the use of schemes in multinational restructurings.
  • Provides a comparison to other countries with similar "cram-down" techniques.

New to the 2nd edition of Schemes Of Arrangement In Corporate Restructuring:
The second edition of Schemes of Arrangement in Corporate Restructuring includes numerous new features, updates, and enhancements, including:

  • New sections on:
  1. Issues Unique to Publicly Traded Companies
  2. Tax implications.
  3. Schemes Involving Securities Distributions
  • An examination of Snowden J's recent judgements in this area, as well as the trend of heightened court scrutiny of restructuring schemes.
  • A look at the recent changes in the case law on jurisdiction for non-UK company schemes.
  • New case studies on APCOA, Codere, and New World Resources' ground-breaking initiatives.
  • A look at how Brexit might affect the use of the UK programme as a restructuring tool for European corporate debtors.
  • A comparison of the UK scheme of arrangement with other jurisdictions' analogous "cram-down" procedures.

The updated 2nd edition of Schemes of Arrangement in Corporate Restructuring is a comprehensive and practical guide that allows you to quickly find the answers you need and apply them to your daily tasks. The authors' experience guarantees that even the most difficult areas of the subject are successfully navigated. It is a must-have guide on business restructuring programmes.

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