Shackleton on the Law and Practice of Meetings, 16th Ed | 2023


Shackleton on the Law and Practice of Meetings, 16th Ed | 2023

Author Madeleine Cordes, John Pugh-Smith, Samar Abbas, James Burton, et al
Publication Date Sept 2023
ISBN 9780414114197
Hard Cover 
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell

"Shackleton on the Law and Practice of Meetings" is a premier resource on the legal and practical aspects of meetings for companies, charities, and the public sector, offering a thorough statement of the law along with detailed practical advice.

New Edition Highlights:

- Accounts for recent cases and legislation, the impact of Covid-19 on company and local authority meetings, and includes an expanded chapter on virtual meetings.

Features of Shackleton on the Law and Practice of Meetings, 16th Ed:

- Legal Implications: Discusses the legal aspects of both public and private meetings.
- Practical Issues: Addresses practical considerations for organizing and managing meetings.
- Specific Meetings: Covers various types of meetings, including board, committee, shareholder, and public sector meetings.
- Resolutions: Explains different types of resolutions and their passage in meetings.
- Meeting Conduct: Provides guidance on maintaining order and fairness during meetings.
- Statutory Requirements: Directs readers to relevant statutory requirements under the Companies Act 2006 and other legislation.
- Charitable Meetings: Covers meetings for different forms of charitable organizations.
- Natural Justice: Considers principles of natural justice and public sector equality duty in the context of information access and attendance at real and online public meetings.
- Practical Examples: Includes practice examples and checklists for company meetings.
- Director Roles: Looks at the roles, duties, and powers of directors in meetings.
- Local Government: Provides guidance on conducting local government meetings.
- Information Access: Explains how to access information related to meetings.

New Topics:

-Accessibility Requirements: Addresses accessibility for public sector meetings, including the Public Sector Bodies (Websites and Mobile Applications) (No. 2) Accessibility Regulations 2018 and the draft Local Government and Elections (Wales) Bill 2020.
- Charities Act 2022: Incorporates changes introduced by the Charities Act 2022.

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ISBN: 9780414114197

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