Shareholders' Agreements 8th Edition By Sean FitzGerald

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Shareholders' Agreements 8th Edition By Sean FitzGerald, Geraldine Caulfield

Author Sean FitzGerald, Geraldine Caulfield
Publication Date September, 2020
ISBN 9780414081253
Publisher Sweet & Maxxwell

Shareholders' Agreements 8th Edition provides practical guidance on the nature and effect of shareholders’ agreements and articles of association. The new edition has been substantially updated to provide more practical guidance on drafting shareholders’ agreements and other related documentation through the use of detailed drafting notes. The title includes precedents, articles of association for private companies limited by shares. It also comes with a CD-ROM to make drafting quick and easy.

  • Shareholders' Agreements 8th Edition Provides in-depth study of the major components of shareholders' agreements and articles of organisation, allowing you to confidently construct these contracts.
  • Analyze the components of joint ventures and property joint ventures so you're aware of the different structures and have the tools to construct the necessary paperwork.
  • This page contains information on tax implications in this area.
  • Reflects recent changes in private equity transaction market practise.
  • The logic underlying partnership structures is discussed.
  • Explains standard provisions.
  • Expert commentary on option agreements and warrants is provided, along with thorough drafting notes, so you may create these agreements and be aware of the important issues.
  • All precedents are available on a CD-ROM for convenient drafting.
  • Precedents and supporting discussion have been altered and updated to reflect current practise and thought.
  • Chapters on connected legislation and taxation have been updated.
  • A new chapter on the responsibilities of directors and how they intersect with shareholder rights.
  • Optional precedent provisions for use with the main precedent papers have been added.

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