Specific Relief Act 1950 (Act 137) [As At 15th October 2021]

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Specific Relief Act 1950 (Act 137)

[As At 15th October 2021]

An Act relating to specific relief.

Detailed Contents of Specific Relief Act 1950 (Act 137):

Malaysian law, known as the Particular Remedy Act 1950 (Act 137), establishes remedies for contract breaches and other civil wrongs. It was passed on March 1st, 1951, and has since undergone a number of revisions, the most latest of which took place on October 15, 2021.

There are 38 sections in total among the six portions of the Particular Relief Act of 1950.

Part I - of the Act deals with the foundational elements of the law, such as the Act's title and scope, definitions of key terminology used in the Act, and how the Act applies to the particular relief that may be granted by a court.

Part II - The Act's second section on specific performance. This section outlines the procedures for carrying out contracts, such as the specific performance of a contract for the sale of real estate or a contract for the transfer of personal property.

Part III - The Act's third section covers injunctions. This section of the legislation allows for both injunctions against conduct that violate property rights as well as injunctions as a remedy for the prevention of contract violation.

Part IV - Declarations of judgements are covered in Part IV of the Act. According to this section of the legislation, a court may declare whether a legal relationship or right exists or not as well as the parties' respective rights and obligations.

Part V - The Act's Part V covers the cancellation of instruments. This section of the legislation permits the cancellation or revision of documents or instruments that were signed fraudulently, unlawfully, or inadvertently.

Part VI - The Act's Part VI deals with several legal elements, such as the courts' ability to give relief, the statute of limitations on lawsuits, and their authority to enact rules and regulations.

In conclusion, the Particular Relief Act of 1950 offers remedies for civil wrongs such as contract breaches. The Act establishes the guidelines for contract performance, injunctions, declaratory judgements, cancellation of instruments, and other ad hoc clauses. The Act's purpose is to establish a legal framework for Malaysian civil rights violations-related issues.

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