Strata Title, 6th Edition

Strata Title, 6th Edition

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Strata Title in Singapore and Malaysia, Sixth Edition

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The only authoritative book focusing exclusively on Strata Titles in Singapore and Malaysia.
• Contains substantial update to the law in Singapore and Malaysia as well as case law update since the 2015 edition
• Includes amendments made to the Singapore Building Maintenance and Strata Management Act and the Malaysian Strata Titles Act
• More than 30 new cases have been identified to reflect current positions based on judicial decisions made
• Discusses also significant decisions of the Singapore Strata Titles Boards

Teo Keang Sood

A panel member of the Strata Titles Boards with his principal areas of research in land law, strata title and tax, Professor Teo Keang Sood is an authority on strata title and his works have been cited with approval by the courts in both Singapore and Malaysia as well as in international publications. Professor Teo has written extensively in his areas of research and his papers on the subject matters have been well received with him doing presentations of the same in both local and international arenas.