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Supreme Court on Corruption 1950-2018 (3 Volume)

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This superb three-volume Digest is an encyclopedia on Anti-corruption Law and provides the entire Supreme court case-law on the subject from 1950 up to 2018.

Volume 1 covers the Digest of case-law from 1950 to 2012 and volume 2 covers Digest of case-law from 2012 to 2013. The updated volume 3 covers a digest of case-law from 2013 to 2018*.

The work covers all the rulings on public accountability, vigilance, and prevention of corruption from 1950 up to 2018 along with the text of the most important Central and State Anti-Corruption Acts, which otherwise are difficult to obtain.


This unique work will certainly aid the citizen and public-spirited persons further in their endless fight against the State and State officials for fair, just, and equal treatment.

Special Features:

  • Conceived and planned on the time tested SCC index system for easy and quick discovery of all the rulings.
  • All the rulings are systematically arranged under both topic and statutory headings, interconnected by a well-planned cross-reference system, and supported by synopses wherever necessary.
  • Incorporates the full text of some of the most important recent judgments of the Supreme Court on Anti-Corruption, Public Accountability, and Vigilance from SCC, which is of immense practical value.
  • Provides cross- citations to all leading law reports like SCC, AIR, Cri LJ, STC, Comp Cas, ITR, LLJ, SLR, FLR, ELT, etc. It can therefore be used with most law reports.
  • Other features include Table of Cases Digested, Annotations, Editorial notes and Comments, Bench Strength, Coram details, date of the decision, etc. which will further help to locate relevant rulings quickly.

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