The Art Of A Lawyer - Cross Examination | Advocacy | Courtmanship

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Universal's The Art Of A Lawyer - Cross Examination | Advocacy | Courtmanship [HB] By Chief Justice M. Monir , Dr. B. Malik

Author  Chief Justice M. Monir , Dr. B. Malik
Publication Date 2017
ISBN 9789351439424


Publisher: Universal

Contents of The Art Of A Lawyer :

  • Part 1 : Advocacy
  • Part 2 : Cross Examination

The Art Of A Lawyer - Cross Examination | Advocacy | Courtmanship by Chief Justice Dr. B. Malik with Commentary on The Art of Cross Examination by Chief Justice M. Monir  by Universal Law Publishing. 

This book is a collection of enlightening and enriching articles on the 'art of advocacy, courtmanship, lawyering, and cross-examination of witnesses' written by top legal luminaries from the Bench and the Bar, as well as administrative and military functionaries from America, England, Africa, Pakistan, and, of course, India.

I see no reason to believe that any of the articles, with the exception of two, can be omitted, even though some of the articles by legal luminaries from America have dealt at length with the duty to and by the Jury in Court, as the articles also contain guidelines for behavioural attitude by advocates and lawyers during Court proceedings, despite the fact that the practise of Jury in Indian Courts has been abolished. Thus, the articles as 'Pole Star' have been and will continue to be relevant in the future, given that the core character and principles required for advocacy, courtmanship, and lawyering will never change.

'The Nervous Witness' and 'The Stupid Witness,' with introductions to the types of witnesses and case laws where applicable, namely, 'Accomplice Witness,' 'Biased or Interested or Partisan Witness,' 'Child Witness,' 'Exaggerating and Enthusiastic Witness,' 'Deaf and Dumb Witness,' 'Eye-witnesses,' 'Guilty It is believed that in its 59th year of publication, this edition will continue to provide dominant direction and service in the area of advocacy for practising attorneys, as well as serve as a sermon for, and improve the character of, adventurous lawyers.

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