The Devil's Advocate: A Spry Polemic on how to be Seriously Good in Court by Iain Morley


The Devil's Advocate: A Spry Polemic on how to be Seriously Good in Court by Iain Morley

Author Iain Morley QC
Publication Date 2015
ISBN 9789389407389
Format Softcover
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell

The Devil's Advocate, a best-selling advocacy textbook in the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth, takes a new look at the Do's and Don'ts of effective advocacy. The title outlines clear tactics, leading the reader through the actual use of advocacy step by step, with comedy and style.

The Devil's Advocate has quickly established itself as the primary guidebook and practical guide to advocacy in any hostile courtroom, in any country, for any advocate to read and carry around.

Iain Morley QC has twenty years of experience prosecuting and defending serious crime trials in the Crown Courts, including numerous high-profile cases. He has taught Inner Temple juniors pro bono advocacy skills, developed much of the teaching materials, and trained the teachers, including Silks and Judges.

• Presents the premier advocacy book, bridging the gap between learning about advocacy and really doing it.
• Written in a straightforward and engaging language, this book takes a new approach to understanding advocacy.

• Describes the art of persuasion, including how to give convincing speeches and how to conduct effective cross examination.

• Outlines well-established tactics and exercises for enhancing questioning and witness handling in court.

• Provides sharp guidance and insightful observations on all of the key skills and processes for advocacy.

• Throughout the book, examples are used to demonstrate crucial themes and aid with information retention.

• Adds a new chapter on International Criminal Tribunals, which necessitate a different set of advocacy abilities due to the unique dynamics, such as the need for simultaneous translations.

TABLE OF CONTENTS of The Devil's Advocate 3rd edition edition

Chapter 1 This Book 1
Chapter 2 Learning Advocacy 8
Chapter 3 Truth 16
Chapter 4 Winning 23
Chapter 5 Tribunal Psychology 41
Chapter 6 Persuasiveness 58
Chapter 7 Case Preparation 114
Chapter 8 Addressing the Judge 142
Chapter 9 Legal Writing 157
Chapter 10 Document management 169
Chapter 11 The Opening Speech 174
Chapter 12 Witnesses 193
Chapter 13 Questions 202
Chapter 14 Examination in Chief (sometimes called
“Direct- Examination”) 212
Chapter 15 Cross- Examination 229
Chapter 16 Re- examination 283
Chapter 17 Improving Questioning 289
Chapter 18 Experts 298
Chapter 19 Vulnerable witness 309
Chapter 20 The Closing Speech 323
Chapter 21 Bail & Mitigation 363
Chapter 22 The Court of Appeal 375
Chapter 23 Advocacy in International Criminal
Tribunals 378
Chapter 24 Improving Advocacy 409
Chapter 25 On being led as Junior Counsel
(sometimes called “Co- Counsel”) 426
Chapter 26 Bar Ethos 434
Chapter 27 The overall Advocate

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ISBN: 9789389407389

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