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The Hot Shot Series - The Legal Line (E-book)

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The Hot Shot Series - The Legal Line (E-book) By  Kenneth Chung , New Su Ann, Andreanna Ten Maven

 Author Kenneth Chung, New Su Ann, Andreanna Ten Maven 
Publication Date 2015
ISBN 9789674005450


What is the one thing which deans of law schools, recruitment personnels of law firms, practicing lawyers and notable members of the judiciary have in common?

Every new law student pursuing this noble legal profession would undoubtedly have a passion for justice, and an ambition to excel. However, there is a general consensus that graduates are not prepared to survive, let alone in the legal profession as they have no idea on what being lawyers are all about or what type of skills they need in practice. This is what this book is all about.

This book will serve as a framework for students to understand what is required of them to reach their fullest potential. It showcases the expertise of several top law firms in Malaysia to give you the low down on what to expect as a first year litigator in a corporate malfeasance trial, or how to survive the BPTC Course.

Key Features

• Focus on practical skills as this book identifies the top 5 skills required to excel in the legal industry
• Timeline approach (from High School to Fresh employee) to deliver information more systematically and effectively and in a narrative manner rather ‘magazine’ style
• Most of the information are from the industry with real people and real content and tips to accelerate your future career.


Chapter 1: Introduction
Is Law Right for Me?
Perception v Reality
Industry Overview

Chapter 2: Pre-Studies
Pathway to a Hotshot Lawyer
How to Pick a Law School
Local Law Directory
International Law Directory
Key Skills
Additional Skills/Traits

Chapter 3: During Studies
Law School Experience
Considering Your Options Post Law School

Chapter 4: Beyond Studies
Guide to Internships
Making the Leap: The Chambering Process
Pathway in a Law Firm
Alternative Routes within the Legal Industry
Non Legal Alternatives

Chapter 5: Hotshot Lawyer Need-to-Knows
Teh Tarik and a Dead Snail
Fifty Shades of Contract Law
First Year Law and the Game of Thrones



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