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The Law of Carriage of Goods by Sea 2021

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Author Arun Kasi
Publication Date 2021
ISBN 9789813367920
Format Hardcover
Publisher Springer, Singapore


This book, written in three parts, introduces the reader to the basics of the international trade and elaborates on bills of lading and charterparties in depth. While the book is based on the English law, cases and materials from other jurisdictions, particularly Singapore, Malaysia, India, the USA, and Australia are brought in to provide an international perspective. The practical analyses, commentary and critiques of cases would be a useful guide for practitioners in developing case arguments. Although written with practitioners, academicians and students in mind, the book will also serve as a useful guide for sea carriers, freight forwarders, international traders, financiers, etc. as the complex subject is presented in reader-friendly and easy to grasp manner.

Arun Kasi is a barrister specializing in maritime law. He undertakes court matters as well as work as arbitrator and arbitration counsel under the terms of London Maritime Arbitrators Association (LMAA) and Singapore Chamber of Maritime Arbitration (SCMA). He holds a doctorate degree in maritime law. He graduated with his law degree when he was 19 years old and has been working in the field since then. To date, over a span of three decades, he has authored six books and about 50 articles.

TABLE OF CONTENTS of The Law of Carriage of Goods by Sea 

Part I. Introduction and International Trade
1. Introduction and Legal Framework
2. Shipping Documents
3. International Trade
Part II. Bills of Lading
4. Cargo Claims: Legal Bases
5. Third Parties: Protection and Action for
6. Proof of Damages: Presumptions and Estoppels
7. Implied Terms and Exclusion Clauses
8. Hague & Hague-Visby Rules: Application
9. Hague & Hague-Visby Rules: Carriers' Obligations and Defences
10. Hague & Hague-Visby Rules: Carriers' Liability and Time Limitations
11. Shippers' Obligation for Dangerous Cargo
Part III. Charterparties
12. Charterparty: Introduction
13. Voyage Charter: Freight and Lien
14. Voyage Charter: Laytime and Demurrage
15. Time Charter: Orders and Indemnity
16. Time Charter: Withdrawal, Off-Hire and Redelivery
17. Time Charter: Apportionment of Cargo-Claims Liability

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