The Law of Contract, 6th Edition

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The Law of Contract, 6th Edition

Author M P Furmston
Publication Date December 12, 2017
ISBN 9781474307208
Format Hardcover
Publisher LexisNexis


The Law of Contract is an authoritative and thorough explanation of all topics of contract law. It is both accessible and thorough, and it is tailored to the needs of field practitioners.

Patel v Mirza, which deals with the intersection of contract and unjust enrichment in respect to illegal contracts, is one of the most recent major cases reviewed and accompanied with sharp analysis.

Since the previous edition, the following significant statutory and common law modifications have been made:

  • The new Consumer Rights Act of 2015, along with an easy-to-follow flowchart on how to apply it to "unfair terms."
  • Liquidated damages, complete agreement provisions, non-reliance clauses, contract construction, implicit conditions, and "subject to contract" stipulations all saw major revisions.
  • Arnold v Britton and Others, Marks & Spencer Plc v BNP Paribas, Wood v Capita Insurance Services Ltd, and Impact Funding Solutions Ltd v Barrington Support Services are all important Supreme Court decisions.
  • The Insurance Act of 2015 has changed the legislation regarding non-consumer contracts.
  • Time is of the essence due to developments in the desire to create legal relations and on notices.

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