The Law of Solicitors’ Liabilities 4Th Edition | 2020

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The Law of Solicitors’ Liabilities 4Th Edition | 2020 By William Flenley KC, Tom Leech KC 


Author William Flenley KC, Tom Leech KC
Publication Date 13 Aug 2020
ISBN 9781526505293
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing


 Description :

The Law of Solicitors' Liabilities, previously known as Solicitors' Negligence and Liability, provides a comprehensive guide to all aspects of solicitors' negligence, liability in equity and wasted costs. Written by leading practitioners in the field, it deals with a variety of topics, from general principles to specific situations, providing practical guidance to the procedural aspects of bringing and defending a claim for solicitors' negligence.

The new fourth edition includes:

- A new chapter on insurance law focusing on a number of key topics which arise, particularly in relation to solicitors' insurance: aggregation; condonation; definition of private legal practice; notification; possibly successor practice rules.

- Updated case law to cover all recent Supreme Court and Court of Appeal decisions, eg Hughes-Holland v BPE (Supreme Court) scope of duty and extent of damages; Redler v AIB (Supreme Court): breach of trust; Lowick Rose v Swynson (Supreme Court): lifting the corporate veil in claims against professionals; Tiuta International v de Villiers (Court of Appeal): lenders' claims, impact of a remortgage on damages; Wellesley v Withers (Court of Appeal): test for remoteness of damage; and E Surv v Goldsmith Williams (Court of Appeal): implied duty on solicitors in lenders' claims.

- Regulatory/disciplinary developments, eg revised SRA Code of Conduct.


Table Of Content :

Section A Civil Law Claims

Part 1 General Principles
Chapter 1 The solicitor's duties in contract and tort
Chapter 2 Breach of duty
Chapter 3 Causation and quantum of damages in contract and tort
Chapter 4 Claims in equity
Chapter 5 Authority, vicarious liability and undertakings
Chapter 6 Solicitors' duties of confidentiality
Chapter 7 Limitation
Chapter 8 Contributory negligence and contribution
Part 2 Specific Claims
Chapter 9 Real Estate
Chapter 10 Lenders' claims
Chapter 11 Wills, estates and trusts
Chapter 12 Litigation
Part 3 Procedure
Chapter 13 Costs orders against solicitors
Chapter 14 Disclosure and privilege
Section B Professional Regulation And Discipline
Chapter 15 The regulation of solicitors
Chapter 16 Disciplinary proceedings
Chapter 17 Insurance

ISBN: 9781526505293

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