The Law of Unincorporated Associations


The Law of Unincorporated Associations by Nicholas Stewart QC, Natalie Campbell, and Simon Baughen

Author Nicholas Stewart QC, Natalie Campbell, and Simon Baughen
Publication Date 20 Oct 2011
ISBN 9780199600397
Format Hardcover
Publisher Oxford


Description of The Law of Unincorporated Associations:

Providing a clear and precise statement of the law and comprehensive practical guidance this book addresses the formation, administration, and financial management of unincorporated associations and the commonly occuring problems that arise. As well as content on practical matters such as rules, committees, and registration of names, the book gives clear guidance on the classification of unincorporated associations and on distinguishing them from other forms of clubs. It also addresses disciplinary action against members, as well as both tortious and contractual liability and civil court procedure, providing a complete source of reference for those involved in advising all types of unincorporated association.

The implementation of the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, along with related statutes, has affected the right of membership to an unincorporated association and the manner in which a member may be disciplined for breach of rules. The book provides unique guidance on these changes as well as the impact of those affected by the Woolf reforms on disputes concerning unincorporated associations.

Table Of Contents of The Law of Unincorporated Associations:

1:Nature of Unincorporated Associations
2:Formation of Unincorporated Associations
3:Ownership of Property
4:Termination of Association
5:Administration and Meetings
6:Disciplinary Action against a Member
7:Contractual Liability
8:Tortious Liability
9:Civil Court Procedure
10:Licences and Public Acts
11:Finance and Taxation
Specimen Sets of Rules
Specimen Procedure for Disciplinary Action

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ISBN: 9780199600397

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