The Law on Money Laundering

The Law on Money Laundering

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By Hisyam Abdullah @ Teh Poh Teik  

This indispensable reference gem concisely covers the essential on the law on money laundering in Malaysia. The clearly and eloquently articulated explanations of current applications of statutes and precedents are thoughtfully presented to enable the readers to have a good grasp on understanding and applying the law.

The knowledge encompassed in this book has been produced from the perspective of an experienced litigator to be an indispensable practically applicable guide to criminal litigators practising this branch of the law.




  1. Elements to be proven in a money laundering offence under section 4(1)(a) of AMLATPUA                                                                                                             [2]
  2. The prosecution need not prove the origin or source of the unlawful proceeds [14]
  3. The knowledge or the mens rea element [15]
  4. Any burden on the defence? [18]
  5. Not necessary for the accused to be convicted of a predicate or serious offence [20]
  6. The operation of section 76 of AMLTPUA [22]
  7. Charge defective if the specific if the specific mens rea was not stated in the charge?
  8. The other acts of money laundering offences [27]
  9. Penalty for money laundering [30]