The Malaysian Guide to Advocacy

The Malaysian Guide to Advocacy

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Author: Fahri Azzat

Publisher: Sweet & Maxwell 

Lawyers are officers of the court who strive to use the tools of orators and authors to win over the Bench. Charged with advancing the interests of their clients before registrars, magistrates and judges, lawyers have captured the imagination of the public wherever they practise. Written specifically to guide those advocates who seek to further refine their art, this book seeks to illuminate the path leading to effective, efficient advocacy.

Discussed in detail are not just the principles and best practices concerning examinations-in-chief, cross-examinations, and re-examinations, but also written advocacy, which is now prevalent in contentious litigation in the Malaysian courts. The practical insight and instruction offered here will assist in providing tools to aspiring advocates, which range from knowing how to properly approach the Bench to preparing devastatingly effective submissions.

Important guidance contained in this book includes: 

  • Instructive lessons of advocacy
  • Practical pointers which will assist in structuring and organizing materials for submissions
  • Useful appendices containing the author’s own experiences in a litigation-based environment
  • List of recommended further references to advice and best practices regarding better and more efficient communication 

 Table of Contents

  1. Advocacy Preliminaries
  2. Trial Advocacy
  3. Oral Advocacy
  4. Written Advocacy
  5. Advocacy Issues
  6. The Craft of Advocacy