The Malaysian Guide To Advocacy by Fahri Azzat


The Malaysian Guide to Advocacy by Fahri Azzat

Author Fahri Azzat
Publication Date Sep 2019
ISBN 9789672339014
Hardcover + Ebook
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell 

Lawyers are court officers who try to persuade the judges by using oratory and writing skills. Lawyers, who are tasked with advocating for their clients in front of registrars, magistrates, and judges, have piqued the public's interest wherever they practise. This book was written to help advocates who want to improve their craft. It aims to highlight the route to successful and efficient advocacy.

Not only are the concepts and best practises for examinations-in-chief, cross-examinations, and re-examinations discussed in depth, but also written advocacy, which is becoming increasingly common in contentious litigation in Malaysian courts. Aspiring advocates will benefit from the practical knowledge and training provided here, which range from learning how to properly approach the Bench to writing devastatingly powerful pleadings.

The following are some of the key points covered in this book:

  • Advocacy lessons that are instructive.
  • Practical ideas to help you structure and organise your submission materials.
  • Appendices with useful information about the author's own experiences in a litigation-based setting.
  • List of additional resources for guidance and best practises on how to communicate better and more efficiently.
“I strongly believe this book will be valuable to young lawyers and those who want to understand the dynamics and the context in which [the lessons on advocacy] operate.”
– From the Foreword by
Dato’ Seri Mohd Hishamudin Yunus,
Retired Judge of the Court of Appeal


Table of Contents of The Malaysian Guide To Advocacy

  1. Advocacy Preliminaries
  2. Trial Advocacy
  3. Oral Advocacy
  4. Written Advocacy
  5. Advocacy Issues
  6. The Craft of Advocacy


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ISBN: 9789672339014

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