Trade Description Act 2011 (Act 730), Regulations And Orders (Together With Malay Version) As Of 1.9.2015

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Trade Description Act 2011 (Act 730),

Regulations And Orders

(Together With Malay Version)

As Of 1.9.2015

Detailed Contents of Trade Description Act 2011 (Act 730), Regulations and Orders:

The Trade Description Act 2011 (Act 730), a law from Malaysia, intends to shield customers from businesses' inaccurate or deceptive claims about their products and services. The Act went into effect on September 1, 2012, and since then, various revisions have been made, with the most recent ones occurring in 2019.

Rules and Directives:
Order of 2015 on Trade Descriptions (Goods Manufactured in Any Area of Palestine)
This decree sets the standards that firms that desire to use such labelling must meet and allows for the labelling of items created anywhere in Palestine. According to the directive, the label must be accurate and clearly state that the product was created in Palestine.

Order of 2011 concerning Trade Descriptions (Certification and Labeling of Halal)
The certification and labelling of halal items, which are those that are allowed by Islamic law, is made possible by this directive. According to the decree, companies who want to sell halal goods must be certified by a reputable certification agency and display the halal seal on their goods or their packaging.

2014 Rules for Trade Descriptions (Price Control and Anti-Profiteering)
These rules provide price control and prohibit profiteering in the context of products and services. In specific situations, such as an emergency situation or in response to a sudden spike in the price of necessities, the regulations give the government the authority to control the prices of products and services.

The regulations also call for the creation of a Price Control and Anti-Profiteering Authority, which will be in charge of upholding the rules and making sure that companies adhere to the pricing specifications.

Rules for Trade Descriptions (Weight and Measures)
With relation to goods and services, these regulations mandate the use of standard weights and measurements. Businesses that sell products by weight or volume are required by rules to employ licenced weighing and measuring equipment, as well as to make sure that the equipment is routinely calibrated and maintained.
The laws also call for the creation of a Weights and Measures Authority, which will be in charge of enforcing them and making sure that companies adhere to the weighing and measuring specifications.

Rules from 2012 on Trade Descriptions (Country of Origin)
The labelling of the nation of origin on imported goods into Malaysia is made possible by these regulations. Businesses that import products are required by legislation to clearly identify the nation of origin on the product or its packaging and to refrain from making deceptive or false claims regarding the provenance of the products.
English Version:

Act 730 is the name of the Trade Description Act 2011's (Akta Perihalan Dagangan 2011) Malay translation. In Malaysia, legal procedures frequently use the Malay version of the Act, which has the same legal effect as the English version.

As a result, the Trade Description Act 2011 (Act 730) and its related rules and orders offer a thorough framework for the regulation of trade in Malaysia with the goal of safeguarding consumers from false or misleading claims made by enterprises in regard to their goods and services.

*Note: This book contains both the English and Malay version

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