Marriage & Divorce By Kumud Desai

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Marriage & Divorce By Kumud Desai

Author Kumud Desai
Publication Date 2020
ISBN 9789388548885
Publisher LexisNexis

Kumud Desai's Indian Law of Marriage and Divorce is a thorough commentary on the country's personal laws, pertinent Central and State Acts, and Rules, with a section devoted to generic matrimonial law principles. The book is structured into nine parts, with an extensive list of appendices, to enhance the reader's comprehension.

Each of the eight sections covers the most recent legal and judicial positions, while the ninth part contains broad concepts that apply to all personal laws, forming the crux of the prior parts' analyses. Furthermore, this is the first book of its sort to analyse the topic of gender parity in the matter of divorce under Muslim personal law in India from a three-dimensional perspective: legal, sociological, and constitutional, and to do so using substantive empirical evidence.

This new version has been edited and updated to reflect recent judicial decisions and legislative changes, making it an indispensable resource for judges, lawyers, academics, researchers, and students.

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ISBN: 9789388548885

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