Lightman & Moss on the Law of Administrators and Receivers of Companies, 6th Edition


Lightman & Moss on the Law of Administrators and Receivers of Companies, 6th Edition

Author Professor Ian F Fletcher; Richard Snowden, QC; Hamish Anderson; Gabriel Moss, QC; Sir Gavin Lightman
Publication Date Sept, 2017
ISBN 9780414034082
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell

Lightman & Moss on The Law of Administrators and Receivers of Companies is known as the authority on the law relating to administrators and receivers. It is considered essential reading for anyone working in the field of corporate insolvency.

This updated edition provides precise information on the procedures for receivers and administrators' duties, obligations, and appointments. In addition, we'll talk about trading, disposals, reorganisation, liquidation, and receivership.

This edition provides a comprehensive overview to every facet of this complicated field of law, ensuring you have all the knowledge you need in one dependable source.

New to the 6th Edition of The Law of Administrators and Receivers of Companies:

  • To explain how the law affects each industry, relevant case law has been reviewed, thought on, and worked into each chapter.
  • The new Insolvency (England and Wales) Rules 2016 are covered in detail.
  • Takes into account the Insolvency Act 1986 modifications, which have been in effect since April 6, 2017.
  • Incorporates revisions to the EU Insolvency Regulation that will take effect in June 2017.

Lightman & Moss on the Law of Administrators and Receivers of Companies, 6th Edition:

  • The ideas, legislation, and case law that shape receivership and administration practise are clearly explained, and current advances in corporate insolvency are highlighted.
  • This book is an authoritative and practical guide to the law governing company administrators and receivers.
  • Provides direction to assist explain areas of doubt and simplifies technical challenges.
  • Examines the procedure for selecting receivers and administrators.
  • Continues trading, disposes of assets, and reorganises, as well as liquidation and receivership.
  • Considers taxation, leases, set-offs and liens, pensions, and employee concerns.
  • The position of bankers and creditors is discussed.
  • The removal, resignation, termination, and discharge of directors are all covered.

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ISBN: 9780414034082

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