Malaysian Precedents & Forms Second Edition 2(1) 2(2) Commercial Contracts & Precedents

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Today the Machinery of commerce is even more pervasive and runs ever faster in Malaysia. The second Edition of Malaysian Precedents & Forms is intended to meet the needs of commercial or corporate practitioners in discharging their duties against that backdrop of commercial activity in this country. This publication is planned to appeal to all groups of professionals, regardless of legal background or training, in a particular field or industry. 

Malaysian Precedents & Forms which was previously a loose-leaf publication is now enhanced in its second edition to be a bound volume. It aims to provide Malaysian practitioners with a current source book of non-contentious precedents and forms. The title scheme for this Second Edition has been revised from the loose-leaf publication in response to the changing needs of practitioners.

Key Features of each volume are:

  • Commentary on each title
  • Checklists & Aids where available 
  • Precedents & Forms relevant to each title 
  • Table of contents for a title at the beginning of that title 
  • Table of cases and statutes for all titles 
  • Index for all titles 
  • Extensive cross-referencing between the various component parts 

The volume is comprehensive in coverage, allowing the users a selection of model forms for various factual and situational permutations, in a user-friendly format. The forms and precedents supplied can be adapted or merged to produce the final result required. Each volume contains one or more parts dealing with a certain subject title contributed by leading authorities in each field.

It is hoped that the Second Edition of Malaysian Precedents & Forms will be a convenient and useful guide to all practitioners and professionals in non-contentious matters. 

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