O.P. Malhotra's The Law And Practice Of Arbitration And Conciliation, 3rd Edition

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O.P. Malhotra's The Law And Practice Of Arbitration And Conciliation

( 3rd Edition )

Author Indu Malhotra
Publication Date 2014
ISBN ‎ 9788180381201
Publisher Thomson Reuters India

O.P Malhotra on the Law and Practice of Arbitration and Conciliation, Third Edition, is a thorough treatise on the Indian Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996, published by Indu Malhotra. The book has been cited as authority in several Indian Supreme Court decisions. The book's third edition presents a critical examination of the Supreme Court's recent decisions up to January 2014. Additional chapters on new and current themes, such as International Treaty Arbitration and Anti-Arbitration Injunctions, have been included to the new version. These issues are particularly timely in light of a recent flurry of lawsuits filed against the Indian government. The book explains the notion of a bilateral investment treaty and conducts a comprehensive examination of the White Industries case. It is the first book on the subject of Investment Treaty Arbitration written by an Indian author. The notion of an Anti-Arbitration Injunction and its application in local and international arbitrations are also discussed in the book.


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