Sale Of Goods Law In Malaysia by Abdul Majid

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Sale Of Goods Law In Malaysia 

Author Abdul Majid and Krishnan Arjunan
Publication Date  Aug 2016
ISBN 9789670915883
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell

This book provides an in-depth examination of the numerous themes under sale of goods law in clear, succinct, and readable English, allowing for a thorough grasp of a legal concept that frequently arises in business transactions.

To develop this valuable reference on sale of goods law, the writers drew on their considerable expertise in professional legal practise, teaching law in Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Australia, as well as a track record of academic research and publishing.

Excerpts from leading judgments from a variety of common law jurisdictions are included to supplement the extensive reference to local cases in the context of the Sale of Goods Act 1957, allowing the reader to better understand the workings of the law in this area without having to look for a case book. This technique allows the reader to obtain a critical understanding of the underlying legal procedures while also allowing the book to be used as a stand-alone work.

Rather than taking a "bare bones" notational approach as some books do, or a detailed technical explanation of legal principles as others do, this book provides a clear and comprehensive explanation of the various topics, making it a valuable resource for lawyers, legal advisers, lecturers, and students.

KEY FEATURES of Sale Of Goods Law In Malaysia:

  • The law is well explained.
  • To complement the discussion of law, decision extracts from key authority cases were carefully selected from Malaysia, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, and Australia.
  • In a simple, concise, and understandable language, provides in-depth treatment of the topics.
  • Written by authors who are well-versed in corporate law.
  • The only book on Malaysian sales law that is up to date.

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ISBN: 9789670915883

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