Warranties in Marine Insurance, Third Edition


Warranties in Marine Insurance, Third Edition

Author Baris Soyer
Publication Date June 28, 2018
ISBN 9781138613966
Format Softcover
Publisher Routledge


Warranties have played an important role in the law of maritime insurance for centuries, and Baris Soyer provides a thorough and authoritative treatment of warranties in marine insurance in this book. The book explores the legal remedies available when a marine insurance warranty is breached, as well as the current law on marine insurance warranties.

The third edition has been updated to include a discussion of recent case law, such as Kosmar Villa Holidays v. Trustees of Syndicate; Pratt v Aigaion Insurance Co; Argo Systems FZE v. Liberty Insurance (Pte); The Buana Dua, The Princess of the Stars, The Nancy, and Garnat Trading & Shipping (Singapore) Pte Ltd v. Baominh Insurance Corporation, with the goal of determining their The third edition also assesses the impact of the Insurance Act 2015, which will bring about improvements in this sector. This Act will have a considerable influence on the warranty regime, but it is also expected to have an impact on other risk-altering clauses including condition precedents, suspensory guarantees, and exclusion clauses.

Postgraduate students and academics in international commercial law and marine insurance law, as well as insurers and legal practitioners, should study this book.


Baris Soyer is a Professor of Commercial and Maritime Law and the Director of the Institute of International Shipping and Trade Law at Swansea University in the United Kingdom.

TABLE OF CONTENTS of Warranties in Marine Insurance, Third Edition

1. Warranties in General 
2. Express Warranties 
3. Implied Warranty of Seaworthiness 
4. Other Implied Warranties
5. Nature of Marine Warranties 
6. Waiver of Breach of Marine Warranties 
7. Legal Position in Relation to Warranties in Some Other Jurisdictions 
8. A Case for Reform?

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